Tianjin Jing Gong Dong Yang international trade Co.is a concentration of technology, engineering, trade, which integrates the Sino-Japanese joint venture; enterprises engaged in international trade and production , marketing the related products for the medical cause. Company registered in the Tianjin Port Bonded of the Binhai New Area of Tianjin.


   1 Oral endoscopic Systerm : The Company sells oral endoscopic which made in Japan RF Co.Ltd----MIHARU ( chinese name : Yi Shi Jia ) , The product listed in Japan in October 2005 and it caused the oral industry sensation. The product revolutionized the oral clinicians reception forms, methods. It gives the Patients the right to know greatly and reduces the oral clinic doctors labor intensity.The use of the product makes the patients more acceptable to clinicians in the treatment programe and improves the treatment level significantly.
  2 Sterilization paper bag series
The sterilization paper bag product series Specifications include 5.5 cm × 200m , 7.5cm × 200m , 10cm × 200m , 15cm × 200m , 22.5cm × 200m . The product is processed by medical steam dialysis paper imported from Sweden and quality plastic composite membranes. Sterilization maked by large chinese logo,with the merit of reflecting clearly and accurately. It is a quality product for clinical medical sterilization packaging.